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Happy (Belated) 5th Anniversary To Silvercublogger!

Over five years ago, this blog was created. I wasn’t so sure what I was thinking at the time. Even the name (Silvercublogger) was a bit of a mess, though it stuck. My naivety hoped to change the world in a positive way, and I posted every day hoping something…anything… would happen… and things did.

They weren’t big revelations, world peace is not here… yet.. though the interactions I have had and the comments and emails I have received over the years have been very kind… and in some way, made positive impacts… while maybe not on a global scale… the saying goes… help one, and you help the world.

Lately my blog postings have been rather sparse (okay, more than lately). My acceptance into a Master’s program… and the online cosmos came to a slight pause…and now with my graduation in May (and hoping for a PhD in a galaxy not too far away ), I am so close, yet so far away to understanding what my destiny is.

I think blogging has been a compass to help mentor me in many ways I never thought possible. A look back on the days gone by… and the amazing moments that I was so grateful to have.

My friends are the best in the world. They know who I am, understand, and have been there for me throughout the years. I couldn’t have made it to this point without them, and I dedicate this anniversary to everyone who has touched my life in someway…

And if you’re just visiting for the first time… welcome : )

P.S. This post is also dedicated to my twin brother who was waiting patiently for a new post.


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