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My Top 10 Video Games of 2012

2012 was a really good year for video game releases. Developer Telltale Games finally gained mainstream awareness with the release of The Walking Dead (I previously enjoyed their Jurassic Park game which made # 7 on my top games of 2011), and the 3DS and Vita both had great releases too. I had a difficult time picking my top ten, thus there is tons of honorable mentions (the most I’ve ever had making these lists). Here they are:


10. Jeopardy:  I have always enjoyed Jeopardy (even still have a Super Nintendo version). THQ did a great job bringing the tv show to life. Xbox LIVE mutliplayer (and local), avatar support, and customization options further enhance this game. The price isn’t too expensive either. Shame THQ filed for bankruptcy… the company is in jeopardy (oh, the irony!)


9. Forza Horizon: I only had to launch up the menu screen to quickly realize that Forza Horizon is a different type of racing game. The menu music loops Porter Robinson’s Language (one of my favorite songs this year). That alone caught my attention. Besides the awesome soundtrack, Forza Horizon is an open-world game featuring many different beautiful locations and cool cars. I was never really a fan of previous Forza games, but this one… is something special.


8. Uncharted Golden Abyss: This game showed the Vita’s potential. The game had great graphics (for the most part) and managed to encapsulate the PS3 experience and provide an entertaining single player adventure game. Now a dream of mine is now real, the ability to play console games on handhelds and have amazing graphics too.


7. Papo & Yo: Available on the Playstation Network Store, this game is extremely unique and brings you into a world unlike any you’ve ever experienced. In this adventure (platformer/puzzler) game, you control a young boy who uncovers that his world is not exactly what you might expect it to be. Without revealing any spoilers, this game is very memorable and I am looking forward to more games from the developer.


6. Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure: I love music rhythm games. But what I really love about this game is the anime style graphics, the beautiful setting (in France), cool story, and good music! There’s so much to like about this game and it grew on me the more I played it.


5. Journey: This short PS3 game can be played in one sitting, and it’s worth the trip! You play as a lone traveler crossing ancient lands. Along the way you encounter a few people who help show you the way (particularly if you are playing online, as you’ll be assisted by the online community). The environments are rather awe-inspiring, and the music also adds to the experience. Quite a unique and memorable game that has a different focus from most of the games in today’s world.


4. The Walking Dead: I couldn’t stop playing this game, the story was so good (the writers from the tv show should pay attention, Season 2 was mostly atrocious). Thankfully the video game was nothing like Season 2 (or even the tv show).  The game has its own unique characters and story. Mostly a point and click game (which is fine by me!), it really sets the bar for creating a good story, particularly with the zombie horror element (because most zombie games or movies don’t usually have amazing stories). I finished the game, thankfully Season 3 of the tv show is keeping me glued (which now has a much better storyline!) Would love to see a video game sequel (with less “f” words – this game has a lot of swearing!)


3. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: I love the Final Fantasy series. Especially VII and VIII. This game is a dream come true, as the music from the series is really good. I cried and laughed playing this game. Seeing movie cutscenes from the games I played growing up and having so many songs in one game really is a treasure. With tons of DLC and so much customization options and unlockables, this is one game I will never be selling.


2. Lumines Electronic Symphony: If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you probably know I love Lumines. This Vita game is no exception. I really loved this game’s soundtrack. There were so many songs I never heard of (and some I did which I was really excited about!) The background environments look even better, and the animations need to be seen to be believed. I played it over and over and over when the game was first released. I wish there was some DLC or something, but this music puzzle game is great on its own! Just wish I could play Shinin‘  (and some other older Lumines songs) on the Vita again…


1. Gravity Rush: I was not so sure what to expect when I got this game. Within a few minutes, I was completely mesmerized by the world I was in, enjoying the story, the graphics, music, the characters, the cool abilities (flying through the sky)… I could not stop playing this game. The environments were amazing, I felt like I was inside an anime movie (such as Paprika, Steamboy, or Metropolis). There is so much I love about this game… I was sad when it ended but was so thankful to be able to play such a game like this. Games like Gravity Rush remind me that the video game industry still has unique experiences to offer amidst the recycled and uninspired video games that plague the industry (and people continue to buy them). Go out and buy a Vita if you don’t have one to experience this game, it’s worth it (at least for me, it is!)

Honorable Mentions: Deadlight, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokemon Conquest, AMY, The Last Story, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mass Effect 3,  Resident Evil Revelations,  Ultimate Card Games, Style Savvy: Trendsetters, and Resident Evil 6.

Note: I have not yet purchased a Wii U yet, so there are no games listed here from the system. However I did play a few Wii U games at an event and ZombiU was one of the games that stood out.  I haven’t been too impressed with the games the Wii U has out now, but I am sure 2013 and onwards the Wii U will shine more.


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