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Crossroads: The Beginning of a New Chapter

Over three years ago,  I expressed my inner thoughts on what graduation meant. In May 2010,  I felt I was a year away from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, and indeed I was (I graduated in June 2011). By February 2011, changes were happening within me, and the blog (this blog) that I posted in daily started to fade away.

For most of my life, I did internal activities — playing video games, writing, listening to music, reading, and more writing. I occasionally went out with one of my friends — but I had so many friends on Xbox that I enjoyed staying home. By February 2011 though, a shift in my activities changed — I did not want to be isolated at home anymore — I wanted to go out more and spend more time with friends.

I made and became closer with friends who I met in college — before college, I did not have as many friends, and this was because I was on a different maturity level (and wavelength) than most of my classmates. I suppose in college people started to mature, and I was able to connect with more people.

I started posting less and less, and then there were times when months went by and I didn’t post anything.  I never forgot about my blog though — I did visit often, though I was just lost in another world of crossroads, and I could not dedicate the energy to type anymore words on the keyboard.

The summer of 2011 approached, and that was a summer of changes. The realization that I had graduated from college, a home to me, was painful. I wondered if I would see my classmates as much. We hanged out a lot. Sadly, I realized we would be all hanging out less. Being in a convenient location all together really made a difference. While I still talk to many of my classmates years after graduating, things change. People get married, get jobs, and just don’t have the time as they used too.

But I will always find and make time for my friends.

As my Master’s program was approaching (August 2011), I was nervous what to expect, and how all of the new energies would react to me. In the meantime though, I went through some intense ups and downs, in where I read many self-help books to try and understand life better and where I was going.

When my Master’s program began, the university was definitely a different experience for me, but there were some great people I met. The intensity of the program really limited my desire to blog, because I was on the computer so much typing paper after paper.

In April 2013, I was surprised that my university created an award just for me, entitled “Good Citizenship and Teamwork” — which was awarded to me because of my kindness and being inclusive to everyone. A month later in May, I graduated with honors from my university. I obtained a Master’s degree and the next chapter was about to begin soon: the PhD.

The day I found out I was accepted was a day or two before I graduated. I was relieved to know that I knew what the future would be before I graduated. The one and only PhD program I wanted became a reality.

A month has passed since I graduated and I’m at another crossroad in life. The summer seems to make me go up and down more — not knowing what career I want is still an issue. I want to make a positive impact in society, so for the meantime, I applied for a volunteer job to be a Guardian ad Litem. Perhaps being out of university and faced with just my thoughts creates some problems. Not being able to hang out with my friends as much as I would like too also dampens the mood. However, I’m going to Israel next week and that should help me grow more (the trip focuses on getting hands-on experience in the media field).

When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be in the video game industry — maybe a video game journalist — or work for Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. I realized a year ago that a corporate job would not be as meaningful to me — I really need a job where I can do more than be a robot. There is so much darkness in this world and I really want to try and bring some peace. So the new chapter begins soon. In August. In the meantime, I will try and write some more pages before the start of this new chapter.

In honor of the new chapter, I have changed the blog name from Silvercublogger to Silver.Peace — a reflection on where I am holding, my PhD program (Conflict Analysis & Resolution with a concentration in International Peace), and what I hope my blog brings to others — some peace of mind. I hope I can return to posting more articles here — time will tell.

“If we are to build real peace in the world, we must start with the children.” – Gandhi


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