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List of Songs from A Different Drum in Dance Dance Revolution

Below is a list of songs that A Different Drum has in the Dance Dance Revolution series. This may not be a complete list, butDIFFERENTDRUM perhaps the only list on the internet that is most comprehensive. I have also labeled “***” next to some of the songs to indicate some of my personal favorites.

Check out adifferentdrum.com to support their collaboration with DDR and the artists!

—DDR Ultramix 2—
“Standing Still in Time” – Neuropa ***
“Close Your Eyes” – daybehavior ***
“skulk” – echo !mage ***
“Mello” – Alien ‪#‎Six13‬
“C Squared” – Alien #Six13
“Superstar (Nevarakka Mix)” – daybehavior ***

–DDR Ultramix 3–
“Come With Me” – Raindancer ***
“Why (Club Mix) – Nevarakka ***
***Although not mentioned in the credits, “Conflict (Turmoil Mix)” – The Azoic also has a different drum connections of some kind.

–DDR Ultramix 4–
“Free (Liberation Mix)” – BLUE OCTOBER UK
“More Serotonin” – NEUROACTIVE
“Oblivion (Nevarakka Mix)” – REAL LIFE ***
“Yours To Command” – Rupesh Cartel

–DDR Universe–
“Beyond Here and Now (Intensified)” – NEUROPA ***
“Close Your Eyes (Activated Mix) – daybehavior ***
“Heart With A View (Echo Image Remix) – THE ECHOING GREEN
***Downloadable Content – “Right Beside You” – Intuition (also believe this is a different drum connection)

–DDR Universe 2–
“Contract (Breach Mix)” – Rupesh Cartel ***
“In Different Things (USA Club Mix) – RENAME
“Musika Atomika” – SYRIAN
“Summer Girl” – NEVARAKKA ***


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