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2016: A Look Back and Brief Preview of the Future

11416181_10154011816505348_8202758970446216374_nSince I wrote a similar post last year, I thought I would again post something that provided a brief summary of 2016 and what the following year may look like on the horizon (for anyone interested… I suppose this is mainly for my own memory).

In my post last year, I was hoping to graduate in 2016. Of course, I knew that there was no need to graduate in 2016 because rushing my dissertation was not necessary as I had to complete 12 credits anyways. I am extremely happy that the dissertation process has happened organically because now I only have two more chapters to write and I am proud of the progress I am making.

2016 was an amazing year in many ways. In the entertainment world, The X-Files returned, and so did Kiefer Sutherland in one of my new favorite shows, Designated Survivor. I also was able to meet Above & Beyond, my favorite music artists (and had a front-row seat at their acoustic event!)

In 2016, on a personal note, I met many family relatives for the first time (and traveled to France to see family!) and I was touched by how kind and hospitable they all were. Additionally, I also attended a great program at the University of Rhode Island that focused on Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophies of nonviolence.

As 2016 comes to a close, I can say one thing for sure: 2017 will be a significant year for me and I look forward to it! More to come….




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