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What if the fate of the world depended on you?

What if the fate of the world depended on you…

Imagine a reality that humanity is thrown into chaos, and in order to bring peace to the world, finding a way to agree with the person you despise the most is the only way to continue living?

You and the person you despise are then suddenly kidnapped by terrorists. Now in a moment of complete disbelief, the person you despise becomes your only link to survival and freedom. In the past, you could not agree on anything with this person, and now everything that seemed to matter before no longer had any significant meaning, because your lives are at stake and the only way to escape is to cooperate.

As you ponder how you could work together with the person you despise, the terrorists become thrown into discord under the realization that their lives are also at stake, and they must work together with you and the person you despise to ensure that Earth survives. In a matter of seconds, the terrorists recognize that their original goals no longer matter, and what they believed they were doing was based on a distorted premise. Now, as the fate of humanity is threatened, everyone must all work together to save the world.

What will become of this situation? Will the challenging ordeals they are now faced with eternally unite them in peace? Or will this only be a temporary ceasefire once humanity is saved?

What if this hypothetical situation was actually the last hope for humanity?

We should not have to wait until breaking point for us to find a way to work together, as we should find a way to prevent possible future calamities, as there has to be some way of reducing the suffering on Earth.
Our perceptions of our own reality are often based on how we make sense of the world we live in. Though through our experiences, our perspectives may change to become either positive or negative.

Somehow seeing a perspective that is so different from your own may bring on a challenging ordeal in finding a way to agree on something with the person that has a vastly different sense of reality.

We would like to believe that the majority of humans in this world are rational, though for some, mental illness (or a possible genetic predisposition) was the main factor for why violent crimes were committed. However, there may be a deeper understanding for many people who are involved (or previously involved) in violent acts.

Many of them were once healthy children who may have had dreams to do something positive in the world… and then circumstances, often beyond their control, took their dreams away. Unsure of what to do, and the need to survive, any way possible, became their only reality. Some became involved in a dangerous world of crime, looking for anyone to accept them, trying to find a group to belong to, because there was no one else there to help them.

Some people may not have even had a choice to become involved with crime, as they were kidnapped against their will and brainwashed to fight for an ideology that means so much to the people who believe in the certainty of their own reality from this ideology, which to most people, appears to be senseless and irrational.

Though to those who are part of an ideology that incorporates violence, most of them will do anything to ensure that their path is right, and that they will prevail. Somehow, most of this all makes sense to them.
What if there was a way they were able to internally see more perspectives than the only narrative that they may possibly know? Would their path in life have a possible positive change?

The possibilities of people to have extraordinary emotional intelligence to see perspectives outside of their own is rare in society. Perhaps emotional intelligence can be learned, though we must begin before chaos ensues. We should look at conflict prevention, because conflict resolution can seem to be so difficult in certain circumstances that the situations themselves become intractable conflicts.
What if every person in this world had one person that would be around them since the day they were born to help ensure that they would grow up to be a human who could positively impact society?

So many of our most vulnerable are still at risk. They are still being recruited by gangs, terrorist groups, and dangerous cults. Many are soon lost to violence and hazardous drugs. What if there was one person for every person to ensure that they positively meant something to them, and instilled in them values of love, integrity, respect, empathy, and kindness; and that their childhood dreams could possibly flourish?

How much could the possibility for one person to positively be the world for another person impact Earth?

For thousands of children in society, the reality exists for them that they lack responsible parents or positive guardians in this world. Many people who were once considered rational children, have become filled with anger and hate. They feel unheard and do not feel equal in society. Years of continued anger have built up. They want people to pay. The darkness that they experienced – they want others to feel their pain. Some may even want people to die, whatever the costs.

The positive possibilities that this person may have had is now lost to anger and hate. The road to internal peace and being kind to people is not a path that can easily be taken anymore. The person has lost so much and been through too much darkness. Though if we could have only reached this person before…
For most of us, the violence and political turmoil in the news is no longer shocking anymore. People may wonder how can we stop the violence? There are no simple answers that will stop the root cause of why so much violence exists. Though we can at least find a way to be there for the most vulnerable in society and protect them from possibilities that could lead to a path of violence.
Violence is often a form of communication, and if we could first learn to communicate internally in a peaceful and nonviolent way, the possibilities for external communication that could escalate to violence could be reduced. Sometimes when we are angry, our emotions become enraged and all we can do is hold on to anger to continue living in life. If we recognize that we could internally re-frame our anger and find positive methods to peaceful outcomes, perhaps the state of the world can positively change.

We must work together to drive out darkness by preventing more darkness to continue casting shadows. While some people in this world may want to continue harming us, we can work to do our best to prevent more people in causing additional harm to us. Sometimes the harm inflicted on people are because of external characteristics that are based on labels and stereotypes.
The internal and external labels that we identify with might mean something to many of us, and the thought of losing some part of our identity may feel impossible to comprehend.

However, if we did not have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the mouth to speak, we are only left with our internal thoughts. We can no longer see what we saw before. The stereotyping and othering that has perpetuated society is no longer possible because we can no longer see, no longer hear, and longer talk. All we have left is our internal self. Is this self one that whole-heartedly loves and accepts the self?
What if our senses came back and the only person we could see in this world was another you? How would you react to another you in physical form? Would it be one with kindness, or one with fear? Could you trust the person you see in front of you? Would you be so terrified of seeing yourself that you would want to kill another you?

The internal thoughts we have make an impact in society, whether we fully realize this or not. So many of us hold back from truly saying what we really care about and doing what we really wish we positively could do in society. We can become prisoners in our minds, unable to escape the invisible barriers that prevent us from attaining the possibility of positively impacting the world.

Many people worry about how they are perceived, and if a possibility may exist that their gender/identity may be compromised/devalued if they do not conform to society’s expectations. In many situations, there are difficulties in navigating the obstacles they face (or perceive that they face) depending on the circumstances of the environment that surrounds them.

Of course there are other factors involved that may not answer all questions on why violence exists. The quest that many people have for power and the corruption that is often entwined with the desire for gaining something in return is problematic. There are also basic human needs that most people would appreciate to ensure some form of peace. Though how much could society change if so many of us work on ourselves to be better individuals and try to see the goodness in ourselves and the best in humanity?

If we could see what truly mattered in life, maybe we could recognize that peace is the most important for the survival of our world.

Peace is possible…

Humanity itself depends on it… and the world depends on you.

We are all connected.

Editor’s note: The following article was written in response to the last few years of political turmoil and the senseless violence and destruction which has become a cause for critical concern. In addition, my own personal close encounters with violence that threatened the very fiber of my own existence propelled the creation of each word mentioned here in its raw form without any editing. I often worry about how words are perceived by people, and I have usually refrained from posting my thoughts out of concern for the what the reaction may be. Though by not posting this article, I myself fall into a trap of refraining from what I truly want to say. So here are my thoughts, unfiltered.

For many of us who have survived violent incidents, we see the reality we live in differently than we once did. While there are many positive events happening in this world, the danger of darkness exists and there seems to be no way of solving the deepest concerns that have become prevalent in our society. The important moments and joyous events that we should be able to experience in this world have become for many an internal concern of whether we can even participate because the certainty of our safety is unknown. For many, the concern of the dangers in this world for our own well-being is becoming more prevalent in society. The thoughts we once had are changing. For many of us, the reality we live in is becoming beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. Which is why we must dream for positive change, and work together to do what we can, and believe we can accomplish even more than what we possibly thought we could.
So now, where do we go from here?


2 responses

  1. original silvercube

    I appreciated these sentiments. You found words to describe the progression of an innocent child from a healthy life into a life of turmoil and violence. These words bring out a painful reality in today’s society- the root cause of evil and conflict. Thank you for expressing this.

    May 26, 2017 at 12:29 pm

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