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Poem: We Are Not Alone

Society constructs us
Or do we construct ourselves?

Placed into territories
Familiar, and at the same time, unrecognizable

I grew up unaware of many social constructions
The divisions,
The hate,
Too much destruction.

Beyond my childhood upbringing
I have encountered new paradigms and challenges
The realization that who you think you are
May not be noticeable at all

Without prior knowledge
I am simply a wall

An appearance based solely on design
Without a moment to uncover the many layers
Beyond my color or gender.

Please don’t call me white
Please don’t call me passing white

Please don’t call me male
Please don’t call me female

Please don’t put me in a box

I am more than your perceptions
I am a spirit, a soul

Given this body
Temporarily for a mission

Will I succeed?
I must find my purpose.

If you need to know,
Please call me human.
Because I am not an alien.

I get judged by my nationality
My religion and ethnicity
Identity? I don’t know.

There’s uncertainty
Because I am told who I am
Which seems to change
Depending on what city

Then I’m lost
Trying to find me.

I get judged by
My clothes
My hair
My nose
My skin tone

If we were blind we could not see
What all of these visuals might mean to you and me

The flags we carry
They represent the world to you
To me, they are imagined communities

I must say and write I’m Canadian
People assume I’m American
Though I’m not from North America
I’m from Planet Earth
The heavens, beyond the sky

Somewhere in this universe
I’m reduced to this space
This time and place
Unable to travel to the stars and beyond

Though I can dream
I can believe

We share so much
Though we are scared
We try to distinguish one another
And we end up making people “other”

Groups are formed
Moments in time
Based on shared values

Surveys, Questionnaires
We must check that box
If lucky, there is a place for “insert your own thought”

To be placed in categories
What is the need?
Please, please, I do not want to be
Labeled, Stereotyped, and Shamed
I want to be free

Our history divides us
Though there is an origin

If we take a deep look we can realize

We are more than what we know
Our DNA reveals we are not alone
Written by Silvercube


4 responses

  1. “To me they are imagined communities” – I appreciate your perspective, very interesting!

    March 7, 2018 at 9:12 am

    • Thanks, it goes back to how borders are “drawn” and nations are created.

      March 7, 2018 at 11:03 am

  2. Haha . We are stereotyped into boxes and asked to think out of the box. That’s society to you. *shruggs*

    March 7, 2018 at 1:37 pm

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