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Another Day

The Dissertation Stage: Part II

index1Last year, I posted an article on my progress of the dissertation journey. At the time, I was waiting for my dissertation proposal to be approved. The summer semester had ended, and I knew I had to wait until the fall semester (end of August) for a status update on whether I could proceed to defend my dissertation proposal. I decided to try and make the most of my summer meaningful. I spent more than a week in France visiting family for the first time, and also got to meet and connect with more family in Canada.



2016: A Look Back and Brief Preview of the Future

11416181_10154011816505348_8202758970446216374_nSince I wrote a similar post last year, I thought I would again post something that provided a brief summary of 2016 and what the following year may look like on the horizon (for anyone interested… I suppose this is mainly for my own memory).

In my post last year, I was hoping to graduate in 2016. Of course, I knew that there was no need to graduate in 2016 because rushing my dissertation was not necessary as I had to complete 12 credits anyways. I am extremely happy that the dissertation process has happened organically because now I only have two more chapters to write and I am proud of the progress I am making.

2016 was an amazing year in many ways. In the entertainment world, The X-Files returned, and so did Kiefer Sutherland in one of my new favorite shows, Designated Survivor. I also was able to meet Above & Beyond, my favorite music artists (and had a front-row seat at their acoustic event!)

In 2016, on a personal note, I met many family relatives for the first time (and traveled to France to see family!) and I was touched by how kind and hospitable they all were. Additionally, I also attended a great program at the University of Rhode Island that focused on Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophies of nonviolence.

As 2016 comes to a close, I can say one thing for sure: 2017 will be a significant year for me and I look forward to it! More to come….



The Dissertation Stage: Part I

 indexI recently submitted in my revised dissertation proposal and received approval from my chair to forward the proposal on to the rest of the committee members!

So, I thought I would take a look back at the personal journey of the dissertation stage in my PhD program while I wait for their feedback and then can defend the proposal (sometime this fall) to move on to the next stage of carrying out additional research and completing the dissertation (and then defending the dissertation entirely).


School Shootings: What if Canada had the same population as the United States?

What if Canada had the same population as the United States? Could data be estimated to generate how many school shootings might occur if Canada had over 323 million people?

In order to reach over 320 million people, 9 multiplied by 36 million people must be us-and-canadian-flag-feature-image-580x333-1-w640calculated. So therefore, would it be safe to say that there could be a possibility of more than 45 school shootings to occur in Canada since the year 2000 if the population was the same as the United States?

Or is population size not at all a feasible calculation, and rather it is more about gun control laws and other factors?

There is no easy answer, and a simple mathematical equation probably would not quite suffice for the complex issue of school shootings.

However, one important observation to note: Even if Canada had the same population as the United States, the amount of school shootings since 2000 would still be four times less (more than 45 hypothetically estimated school shootings in Canada to the concrete data of more than 175 school shootings in the United States) than the United States in the same time span.

Why I changed trajectory: From working in the video game industry to becoming a change agent for peace

hereGrowing up, I loved video games, and enjoyed reading video game magazines. During my teenage years, I thought I would end up working in the video game industry. Whether it was to be a video game journalist or at a video game developer or publishing company.

Around 2007, the trajectory shift began that was pulling me away from the video game industry. Video game magazines started to cease publication: such as Xbox Nation, GameNOW, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine,  Tips & Tricks (one of my favorites), Electronic Gaming Monthly (which ended up being revived), GamePro, Nintendo Power, and play (to name a few).


2015: A Look Back and Brief Preview of the Future


As 2015 soon comes to a conclusion, a brief look back into the year for any curious readers (and for my own memory) is presented below.

The beginning of January started off with a social justice trip to Thailand, where I visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai. I volunteered as a teacher, learned more about human trafficking and visited a shelter, and did so much more (which would take too long to write).


Happy (Very Belated) Anniversary to Silver.Peace!

Time is really flying by so quickly (yes, it’s been said a lot). With so much going on (4 volunteer jobs, 2 part-timeannivers jobs, and 4 PhD courses) there has not been much time to post any new articles.

Nevertheless, this blog has not been forgotten, so please look forward to occasional posts. Of course, the top lists (now my top 5) video games of 2014 will be released here by next month, followed by my top 5 films of 2014 (which will be posted much later). 

There’s so many films released in a year, and it’s surprising how people have their top lists so quickly since many films slip under the radar.

Happy very belated anniversary to Silver.Peace, and thanks for visiting! More to come…