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Xbox 360: The Video Game System That Truly Has Gone “Full Circle”

indexI remember reading video game magazines before the launch of the Xbox 360 in North America back in 2005, and there were so many amazing features that really enticed me to buy one as soon as possible.

There was also a strong game launch line-up, including games such as Amped 3 (which was a phenomenal and hilarious snowboarding game including references to Final Fantasy VII and other video games), Kameo (underrated action-adventure game), and Perfect Dark Zero (the multiplayer was fun, especially seeing old maps, such as Facility, re-done), and Dead or Alive 4, which was released a few weeks later.



Gaming Questionnaire

I came across a unique gaming blog called “Cannot Be Tamed“, and there was a questionnaire posted (reminds me of my Qualitative Research class). I haven’t filled out a gaming questionnaire in ages (since I think the old MySpace days). So I thought I’d take some time to respond to the questions since I can’t sleep at the moment anyways!


Website Spotlight: Spirited Away In Minecraft

I’ve seen Final Fantasy 8 recreations in Minecraft, but I never thought I’d see one from Spirited Away! Spirited Away is my favorite anime film of all time, and this website called “Spirited Away Minecraft Recreation” is constantly adding new updates to the Minecraft world. Check out the website here, and watch the Spirited Away in Minecraft trailer below:

List of Songs from A Different Drum in Dance Dance Revolution

Below is a list of songs that A Different Drum has in the Dance Dance Revolution series. This may not be a complete list, butDIFFERENTDRUM perhaps the only list on the internet that is most comprehensive. I have also labeled “***” next to some of the songs to indicate some of my personal favorites.

Check out adifferentdrum.com to support their collaboration with DDR and the artists!


Why I haven’t upgraded to the “current-generation” of video game consoles

indexSince creating this blog in 2007, a significant amount of articles have been video-game related. However, as the years go by, things change. I am currently heavily involved in my PhD program, work, and three volunteer jobs. While I did purchase a Nintendo 3DS (which gets the most usage, along with the Original Xbox), this was back when the 3DS first launched and I had more time to immerse myself in video games.

I also purchased a Playstation Vita on launch day (because I really wanted to play Lumines Electronic Symphony and soon after, Gravity Rush). However, the Playstation Vita mainly collects dust as there are not too many games that have been released. My brother finds the Vita a great entertainment device for watching movies though.

With the Wii U, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 console releases, I did not feel any compelling reason to “buy me now” (as so they say on infomercials). Here’s a rundown on why I have yet to purchase these consoles (despite my busy schedule, which will not be a reason listed):


Help Fund Holocaust Video Game

Imagination is the Only Escape is a video game that tells the story of the Holocaust through a child’s perspective. Nintendo wasn’t interested in publishing the game, but now through crowd-funding, the game has a second chance to be released elsewhere (such as on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and possibly other platforms).

In development for many years, Imagination is the Only Escape focuses on a topic many shy away from. Please help make this game a reality – you can donate here. Any amount will help!

Halo: The End of an Era

When Halo 2 launched on Xbox back in November 2004, I had no idea the game would become so influential in my life. Xbox LIVE was Halo 2. Over the years I made many amazing friends on Halo 2, friends that I would spend hours and hours (and days) playing with. I had the best times.

I am so grateful to have met such amazing people on Halo 2. When Xbox LIVE was shut down for Xbox in April 2010, I started playing Halo 2 PC more. While my computer was not exactly a gaming PC, I was able to play the game and enjoy playing online and remember the good old times.

Unfortunately, over 8 years of playing Halo 2, an era will be coming to an end. On February 15, the online servers for Halo 2 PC will be shut down. This information is located at the bottom of a long blog article, which is rather sad. The article says only 20 or so people are playing online.

A petition was created to try and save Halo 2 PC, but how often does a video game company listen to its community?

When (or if) Halo 2 PC shuts down, this will be my final goodbye to the Halo series, and goodbye to 343i. On to new adventures! (With Bungie) : )

Editor’s note: This post is in sadness that over years of supporting Halo 2, capitalism has to prevail (again)… it’s not fair.

UPDATE: Halo 2 PC’s Servers has been extended until June 2013.