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TED Talk Spotlight [#1]: Peace is possible.

Recently came across this TED Talk about how one teenager became involved with a Neo-Nazi group, and how he ended up leaving the group many years later. A beautiful story about how uncertainty-identity can create internal conflicts that may manifest into going down a dark road. A must watch!

Inspiring quote from the speech: …”It’s our disconnection from each other. Hatred is born of ignorance. Fear is its father, and isolation is its mother. When we don’t understand something, we tend to be afraid of it, and if we keep ourselves from it, that fear grows, and sometimes, it turns into hatred.” – Christian Picciolini


Movie Spotlight: The Witness


I don’t often look at television listings thoroughly, particularly because of my hectic schedule. However, once in awhile I check to see what Independent Lens on PBS broadcasts. As I was looking through the listings, I noticed Independent Lens was on tonight and clicked on the information tab to see what was airing.


Toronto International Film Festival 2016: Some Films To Look Out For

tiff1 I dropped by on a rainy night and grabbed a schedule of the Toronto International Film Festival (because reading them online is overwhelming).

Here are a few films (in alphabetical order) that look intriguing, with their trailers included. I have not seen any of these films, so I cannot vouch for any of them, though a few of these films have already received stellar reviews:


Music Spotlight: Cinambientique

caWith all of the sad and destructive news in the world, music seems to be a place to find solace in and reflect upon what we all can do to help humanity. Cinambientique’s mixes conjure up feelings of peace, sadness, hope, and possibilities.

Blending orchestral soundtracks that take you through many dreams, there’s something here for everyone. Check out mixcloud.com/Cinambientique/ for the many mixes, and more to come.

Website Spotlight: Spirited Away In Minecraft

I’ve seen Final Fantasy 8 recreations in Minecraft, but I never thought I’d see one from Spirited Away! Spirited Away is my favorite anime film of all time, and this website called “Spirited Away Minecraft Recreation” is constantly adding new updates to the Minecraft world. Check out the website here, and watch the Spirited Away in Minecraft trailer below:

Seven Days

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. In seven days after his passing, one of his dreams came true. Touching short film about the seven days that eternally changed fair housing.

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy

For the first time ever, Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy premiered in Miami. I read about the Final Fantasy concerts in video game magazines growing up, so finally having the opportunity to attend a concert was a dream come true.

Here’s a little sample from the concert: the beginning of “Eyes on Me”:

There was various items to purchase in the lobby as well: Music CD’s, collectible figurines, a Distant Worlds shirt, and other memorabilia.

For $55 (plus a $15 parking fee), a 2 hour concert with some of my favorite Final Fantasy music was definitely worth the purchase. Extra bonus for everyone who dressed up as Final Fantasy characters.