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What if the fate of the world depended on you?

What if the fate of the world depended on you…

Imagine a reality that humanity is thrown into chaos, and in order to bring peace to the world, finding a way to agree with the person you despise the most is the only way to continue living?

You and the person you despise are then suddenly kidnapped by terrorists. Now in a moment of complete disbelief, the person you despise becomes your only link to survival and freedom. In the past, you could not agree on anything with this person, and now everything that seemed to matter before no longer had any significant meaning, because your lives are at stake and the only way to escape is to cooperate.

As you ponder how you could work together with the person you despise, the terrorists become thrown into discord under the realization that their lives are also at stake, and they must work together with you and the person you despise to ensure that Earth survives. In a matter of seconds, the terrorists recognize that their original goals no longer matter, and what they believed they were doing was based on a distorted premise. Now, as the fate of humanity is threatened, everyone must all work together to save the world.

What will become of this situation? Will the challenging ordeals they are now faced with eternally unite them in peace? Or will this only be a temporary ceasefire once humanity is saved?



Redacting The “I” In Society

What is a society? Frankly, it’s the world we live in, the totality of social relationships among humans. As humans, we have a feeling of wanting to be appreciated and fit in with other humans. So many of us find something to feed that wanting, whether it be through religion, a community of some sort, or just using your own creativity.

Because many humans are in a religion, and many are in communities, sometimes the “I” in the group fades. We, as humans, tend to look at the “we” and perhaps forget the “I” – or just even cast it away.

As an individual, one goes through experiences to form the way they think, act, and behave. The nurture vs. nature idea can always be debated, but if there’s one thing that can’t be debated, it’s your own personal choices and decisions. You make them and should be responsible for them. So why do others debate our choices for us?

If one individual insulted another individual, there’s two responsibilities to be seen. One is for the attacker who must take responsibility for the action, and secondly, the other individual,who is the intended target responsible on how to act on the attack.

Life is unpredictable and one can never know when an attack may happen. But just why do they happen? That is something I’ve pondered quite a bit on. Why say negative things to another individual? What do you gain from doing it? Higher self-esteem? To look cooler in front of your peers? I just can’t answer this question, but it affects us all.

From those in a religion, to those who are from a different country and nationality, to those that look different, to those that have different interests, whether it be in something like music, or to which gender they are in a relationship with or just how they identify themselves.

The issue is, we, as humans, tend to look at the identity in a more derivative state, not really identifying with the individual person but just much more as to what their identity is, perhaps creating a false image of the person in your mind without really finding out for yourself what the individual’s essence is all about.

With stereotypes we tend to look more at “we” and then individualize the stereotype with “I”, and that’s when it becomes a problem. For if we could treat everyone as “I” and have a tabula rasa (blank slate), with whatever the person identifies themselves as, it just might make the world achieve a new utopia.

Recently, Stepto (Xbox Live Policy Enforcer) linked a recent GLAAD panel video discussion, that tackled the issue of
being attacked in the online world for having an identity. The issue is sensitive, because one needs to be mature in society to talk about these things, and as a society, we have a lot of growing up to do.

By attacking others, it’s not mature at all – it’s rather silly. Because if you think about it for a few minutes, the bottom line is, when something drastic happens in your neighborhood, you don’t care if your next-door neighbor may be different than you. A miracle happens and somehow, just for a little bit, one become more compassionate.

If there’s anything that can be done to change the present time, it’s to educate everyone on “I” and that everyone is different, even those that are the same as you. If parents could infuse in their children to understand others around them in a mature and proper way, perhaps the “I” just may be worthy someday. Because life should not be about anger, fear, and being hurt, but of compassion, kindness, and generosity.

Religion, It’s A Tough Cookie

Oh Religion. Something I can never quite put my finger on. It’s such a confusing subject and there is so much controversy and drama over it.

Being Jewish, it’s been really hard to interact online sometimes. It’s not that I don’t mind that I am Jewish, it’s that some people do mind that I am. But why? Why do people attack me for the religion I was born in?

It’s difficult to understand someone who has so much hatred towards a person that has not done anything to them. It’s been a struggle trying to deal with these kinds of problems because I dream of a world of equality and peace.

It might be a life-long journey trying to feel comfortable in the shoes that I am in, but maybe there are others that know just what I’m talking about? I’m just at a loss of words at times on how there is so much hatred in this world.

Just this week, there was a shooting in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. It was odd because my sister was there this week but not on the day the shooting took place. I just don’t get this world some times. Someone should explain it to me, please : )