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Song of the Week [#139]

This week’s song is a beautiful cover of Oceanlab’s “Sirens of the Sea”. Wasn’t sure in the beginning how the cover would turn out, though after a few minutes of listening, it’s quite beautiful (and has resulted in many replays!)


Song of the Week [#138]

Since I recently celebrated my blog’s six year anniversary, I thought I’d follow up to one of my oldest posts on this blog. A remix of the masterpiece “Can’t Sleep”, which was released a few years ago. I don’t think I’ve posted this song on my blog yet, so it’s perfect timing!


I also want to give a shout out to Ashley Tomberlin, the vocalist behind this timeless song. I was really excited to converse with her on Twitter!


Song of the Week [#137]

In honor of Daft Punk’s new album releasing soon, and my graduation (got a Master’s degree!) here’s One More Time:

Song of the Week [#126]

This week’s song is from ilomilo, an Xbox Arcade game. It’s pretty whimsical.

Song of the Week [#125]

This week’s song is something classical with a small trance spin to it. Pretty nice!

Song of the Week [#122]

Top Gear was one of the best Super Nintendo games, and the soundtrack was quite memorable.. here’s one of the tracks:

Song of the Week [#117]

Years ago, my brother saw me playing Wario World on the Gamecube and I had paused the game. He instantly enjoyed the song.. but I don’t even know if I can call it that.