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|Blog Banter [#10] {Loading Requests…}|

This edition of Blog Banter asks:

If you could ask for one thing this year from the gaming industry as a whole, what would it be and why?

What an amazing question to end this year. I can’t just ask for one thing, but my requests all seem interrelated anyways. Loading my serious and satirical article…

What I would like from the video game industry is:

4. Developers should socialize with their fanbase, asking them for their input. It’s frustrating playing games that could have been so much better if the developers would just ask gamers their opinions and feedback before the game is released. It’s called a beta, and it’s worth it. No one wants to sit through 10 second loading screens every few minutes.

3. For developers to take chances and create new, original games. Enough with the same shooters. I understand some gamers will be getting Call of Duty: Infinity, but for the rest of us, we would all like something really fresh. Make a game with unique graphics and storyline. Hey, why not make up a new genre?

2. Still waiting for my Xbox 360 Care Bears game. Call me developers.  Yes, it will be a million seller. : )

1. Xbox Live Therapy. For all those crazy gamers on the internet, or for those angry at Microsoft. Or even just Gamerscore OCD.

Happy Holidays!

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