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Halo: The End of an Era

When Halo 2 launched on Xbox back in November 2004, I had no idea the game would become so influential in my life. Xbox LIVE was Halo 2. Over the years I made many amazing friends on Halo 2, friends that I would spend hours and hours (and days) playing with. I had the best times.

I am so grateful to have met such amazing people on Halo 2. When Xbox LIVE was shut down for Xbox in April 2010, I started playing Halo 2 PC more. While my computer was not exactly a gaming PC, I was able to play the game and enjoy playing online and remember the good old times.

Unfortunately, over 8 years of playing Halo 2, an era will be coming to an end. On February 15, the online servers for Halo 2 PC will be shut down. This information is located at the bottom of a long blog article, which is rather sad. The article says only 20 or so people are playing online.

A petition was created to try and save Halo 2 PC, but how often does a video game company listen to its community?

When (or if) Halo 2 PC shuts down, this will be my final goodbye to the Halo series, and goodbye to 343i. On to new adventures! (With Bungie) : )

Editor’s note: This post is in sadness that over years of supporting Halo 2, capitalism has to prevail (again)… it’s not fair.

UPDATE: Halo 2 PC’s Servers has been extended until June 2013.


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